Mike Schertzer



atelier / gallery:
33 place Charles de Gaulle
Morlaix, Finistère, France 29600



poet, artist, and scientist

born May 27, 1965. Brantford, Ontario.
Ph.D (Sorbonne/ University Pierre et Marie Curie)

currently works as a Molecular Biologist

at the Institut Curie in Paris, France.

CV (pdf)


2022 Méandres proustiens : texts by Marcel Proust; Beg-Meil, France, September 2022.
                                expo with Martine White, l'Archipel (Fouesnant, France), September - Novemember 2022
2020 Glumenations: Penfoulic (Fouesnant), France, December 2020.nation
2020 Sur l'expérience: Ile d'Ouessant et Beg-Meil, France, July 2020.
2020 L'eau et les rêves: texts by Gaston Bachelard; Beg-Meil, France, May 2020.
  Here, and no further: chalk intervention; Beg-Meil, France, May 2020.
in collaboration with Martine White
2019 Le Temps Retrouvé: texts by Marcel Proust (rue des Francs Bourgeois) Paris, December 2019.
in collaboration with Martine White
2019 Devant la loi; Les Marches: two texts by Franz Kafka (rue de Citeaux; quai d'Anjou) Paris, August 2019.
  Confluence  Imaginary conversation between Pablo Neruda and Mike Schertzer, in white chalk. Epitopou19, Livadia (Andros), Greece.
2018 L'inexprimable  (Festival d'art de l'Estran) Trébeurden, France.
2017 Philosopher, c'est apprendre à mourir  (In Situ 1.2) Arles, France.
  Doctorat (Sorbonne Universities; Compexité du vivante)
2016 Sur les Exercices  Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo, France. video
  Intercessions  exposition (with Delphine Brabant), Galerie Caroline Tresca, Paris, France.
  Compensations (reflections on art, poetry, and the creative life from A Personal Dictionary).
2015 Les Villes Invisibles, (Nuit Blanche 2015) Brussels, Belgium video
  Sur la Gloire  Biarritz, France.
2014 De la Solitude (Nuit Blanche 2014, Paris). Paris, France.
2013 A l'usage de ceux qui voient (2 installations during Langres Diderot 2013). Langres, France. video link here
2012 Une Déclaration (installation during Rencontres Philosophiques 2012). Langres, France.
  Mortivations (recent additions to A Personal Dictionary) self-published, 50 copies.
2009 Uncommon Hours (recent additions to A Personal Dictionary) self-published, 50 copies. 
2008 Invigorations (recent additions to A Personal Dictionary) self-published, 50 copies. 
  Words Learned at the Bottom of a Well, exhibition of recent sublimage. A440Hz, Vancouver BC.
2007 Instrangements (recent additions to A Personal Dictionary) self-published, 50 copies. 
  excerpts from Peindicy published in Exile vol.31 (1).
  Peindicy published (Exile Editions).
2006 Hope is an Illegitimate Heir exhibition of sublimage and negatexts. Jarvis Hall Fine Frames, Calgary AB.
  I am not the end, 4 hour chalk performance of text by Joseph Joubert, Vancouver BC.
2005 Consequence (recent additions to A Personal Dictionary) self-published, 50 copies.
  The Prince, 7 hour chalk performance in Vancouver.
  7 (new poems) self-published.
  The Endroom (recent additions to A Personal Dictionary) self-published, 50 copies.
2004 excerpts from A Personal Dictionary published in Exile vol.27 (4).
  Daybreak, 6 hour chalk performance in Vancouver.
  A Personal Dictionary (4th edition) is available online in its entirety.
2003 Thresheld self-published.
  Utopia : 9 hour chalk performance of a text by E.M. Cioran. Vancouver BC. 
  Negatextual Resource Centre: exhibition of negatexts.  Studio Blue, Vancouver, BC.
  excerpts from Evidence published in Exile vol.27 (3).
  Devil’s Wine  self-published.
2002 exhibition of Sublimages @ Active Pass Pharmaceuticals, Vancouver, BC.
  Total Domination, 12 hour chalk performance. Vancouver, BC.
  A Congregation of Last Moments: exhibition of new Sublimages.  Studio Blue, Vancouver, BC.
2001 The Grand Inquisitor, chalk performance in Vancouver.
  Contradiction, chalk performance. Pointless Hysteria, Vancouver.
  Dissociative Fugue, solo show of collage on glass and performance.
   Pointless Hysteria, Vancouver.
  selections from Short Films in Young Bloods (stories from Exile, 1972-2001).
2000 Evidence, a performance at the Blinding Light in Vancouver.
  Opacity Project, public interventions and performances throughout Vancouver.
  Low Tide, 8 hour waterfront chalk performance in Vancouver.
  Dissociative Fugue (limited edition of 50) self-published.

PURGE, a 10 hour marathon reading encompassing the last 10 years of work, pseudo-work,

and literate futilities.

  Marginotomy, a solo show of large collage works on glass.  The Church of Pointless Hysteria, Vancouver.

Discurse, a marathon reading series in unlikely public locations.

    (including The Loser by Tomas Bernhard, Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino,)

1998 Cipher and Poverty (The Book of Nothing) published (Ekstasis Editions).
  The Broken Word Canadian reading tour.

Solo exhibition Sublimage: collage and negatexts with a performance of Umbilicatorium,

Din Studios, Toronto. 

  Absulation (limited edition of 50) self-published.
1997 A Personal Dictionary (limited edition of 50 copies) self-published (Tonguenail Books).
1994 self-published The House of Misfortune (Tonguenail Books).
  Short Films from the Fourteenth Century published  (Exile Editions).
  a hand for the drowned published (Ekstasis Editions).
1989- 1994

stories and poems appeared in: Dandelion, Exile, paragraph,

Canadian Fiction Magazine, Prism, NeWest Review, Grain,

The New Quartelry, Poetry Canada Review, Sub-Terrain




 - performed the longest reading of original work in Canadian history
   (10 hours, April 3, 1999)

 - composed the longest acronym in the english language (224 words,
   Acronymic in Cipher and Poverty: The Book of Nothing)



Poetry is Disaster 
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