recent projects

Les Offrandes

texts written on fruit and other objects
and installed in public locations.
(2019 - present)


objects comprised of the pages of entire books.
(2020 - present)

Le Temps Retrouvé

texts by Marcel Proust written on chestnuts with white ink
and placed around a tree.
(in collaboration with Martine White)
text (pdf)

rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris, 26.12.2019

Catalogue of Vanishing Things

1 object gathered each day
(01.02.2020 - 31.01.2021)
and kept in 1.5ml cryotubes

176 entries from my Personal Dictionary
hand-written in white ink on black paper,
rolled, and placed in the hollow of a tree.
text (pdf)

Penfoulic (Fouesnant, France) 31.12.20

the distance between two points
represented by objects stored in 1.5ml cryotubes
(2020 - present)

vegetal and paper collage on microscope slides.
(2020 - present)
Here, and no further

the perimeter of 1 km (that was our limit of freedom
during the Covid confinement in the spring of 2020)
traced in chalk.

in collaboration with Martine White

Beg-Meil, France, spring 2020
Les Greffes

texts written in white ink on fallen branches
which are then grafted into trees.
(2020 - present)
Petites Pièces

texts written on coins in white ink and left in public.
(2019 - present)
Les Idées Fixes

modified books.
(2020 - present)

pages from books combines with various objects.
(2020 - present)
Numéros Utiles

telephone numbers from solicitors
found in my mailbox over the period of one year,
added together to arrive at the ultimate
numéro utile.
La Résistance

texts written on leaves.
(2018 - present)


Poetry is Disaster 

Mike Schertzer, 1997-2021