revolution: n; 8. He who wishes to overthrow the existing condition is the existing condition.


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Discurse Low Tide Discurse Low Tide Contradiction Daybreak Total Domination Utopia The Prince Memento Mori Umbilicatorium I am not the end


an abrdiged version of
Hell is now online.

Words Learned at the Bottom of a Well; collage series @ A440Hz Gallery... and last Canadian show... January 11th, 2008

Peindicy is now available from Exile Editions

Bibliomania (some examples of what I read... and why)

excerpts from The Process and Interminables now online (manuscripts in progress)

Annotated Poem: poem from Peindicy and corresponding text from A Personal Dictionary

Oblivion (a calendar project and a catalogue of vanishing things)

a Synthesis can be found here



I am not the End 

 Memento Mori

 The Prince


A day comes when every leaf realizes that what it thirsts for is not to be found in trees the Negatextual Resource Centre


A Congregation of Last Moments

 Total Domination

 Dissociative Fugue

De la Solitude... Nuit Blanche 2014, Paris... more info soon!

A l'usage de ceux qui voient
, Diderot 2013, Langres

18-22 September, 2013. Langres, France.

Une Déclaration
textual installation for Rencontres Philosophiques 2012
(Langres, France) September 20-22, 2012

bouleversement is underway
Bouleversement: skecthes for the re-articulation of an incoherent city... has been suspended due to sublimation

The Tip of Fervor: radical surgery on a continental scale (in remission)

 Discurse : The Trial by Franz Kafka (no date yet)

Poetry is Disaster 


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