art: n; 71. Art is not an activity of constant progress, of avant-gardes pitted against reactionary impulses, but moments of lucidity and beauty that emerge, seemingly impossibly from the suffocating mass of academic peurility that embodies an ideology whose aim is to negate every authentic creative effort.

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Confluence... the poetry of Pablo Neruda mixed with my own, written in chalk, for Epitopou19, in Livadia (Andros) Greece.

... Kafka in white chalk in Bretange.

Les Essais ... essays of Montaigne in white chalk throughout France

Les Villes Invisibles... Nuit Blanche 2015, Bruxelles.

A l'usage de ceux qui voient, Diderot 2013, Langres
18-22 September, 2013. Langres, France.

a manifesto can be found here Not

an abrdiged version of Hell is now online.

Peindicy is available from Exile Editions

Bibliomania (some examples of what I read... and why)

excerpts from The Process and Interminables now online (manuscripts in progress)

Annotated Poem: poem from Peindicy and corresponding text from A Personal Dictionary

Oblivion (a calendar project and a catalogue of vanishing things)

Bouleversements (the re-articulation of an incoherent city)

e-books (web-based book projects)


Poetry is Disaster 


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