fact: n; 6. Every fact has dirt beneath its fingernails. We can say nothing of the origin of such defilements. A fact can be seeding the soil, a fact can be destroying a city or, attempting to rebuild such a city, a fact can be seeking for lost treasure, a fact can be homeless… a fact can be— this is the most we can assert with certainty, and this is cause for optimism. If we can add anything at all it is that a fact can be with us… we, who also have dirt beneath our fingernails.

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Les Essais ... essays of Montaigne in white chalk throughout France.

Les Villes Invisibles... Nuit Blanche 2015, Bruxelles.

A l'usage de ceux qui voient, Diderot 2013, Langres
18-22 September, 2013. Langres, France.

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