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Les Essais
(Michel de Montaigne, written in white chalk throughout France)
Recent work

Recent Interventions

   Sur l'expérience (Ile d'Ouessant & Beg-Meil, France 2020)
   L'eau et les rêves (Beg-Meil, France, 2020)
Here, and no further (Beg-Meil, France, 2020)
   Les marches (quai d'Anjou, Paris, 2019)
   Devant la loi (rue de Citeaux, Paris, 2019)
   Confluence (Epitopou19, Livadia, Andros, Greece, 2019)

   L'Inexprimable (Festival d'art de l'Estran, 2018)
   Les Villes Invisibles (Nuit Blanche, 2015)
La Petite Lumière (2015)
   Langres Diderot (2013)
   Une Déclaration (2012)

The Opacity Project 

(ongoing series of public interventions)


(negated books)  


(slide collage and performance)


(ongoing interrupted public performance)


(slide collage and performance)



Bouleversements (the cartography of desperation)




Confluence... Epitopou 2019, Livadia (Andros), Greece.
July 1st - August 28th, 2019.
L'Inexprimable... Festival d'art de l'Estran, Trébeurden, France. September 23rd-24th, 2018.
Sur les Exercices... Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, France.
May 28th, 2016.
... another episode of Les Essais (Michel de Montaigne)
Les Villes Invisibles... Nuit Blanche, Brussels
October 3rd, 2015.
                     video here
video (in the studio, by Jerome Noel, 2014)
De la Solitude... Nuit Blanche, Paris
October 4th, 2014.
A l'usage de ceux qui voient / Diderot 2013, Langres ... 18-22 september, 2013. Langres, France. Info here
and video here
Pain Proust: birds sing because they have nothing to read.
a Map of the Opacity Project: selected performances on an interactive map


Poetry is Disaster 
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