Hell  (a poorly crafted love story, an anthropological treatise,
        and a divinely inspired comedy)

     Oblivion  (a calendar project and a catalogue of vanishing things)

         excerpts from
The Process and Interminables now online
     (manuscripts in progress)

 is now available from Exile Editions

      a Synthesis
 can be found here

       A Personal Dictionary is now online

       Bibliomania (some examples of what I read... and why)

Discurse Low Tide Contradiction Daybreak Total Domination Utopia The Prince Memento Mori Umbilicatorium I am not the end
 I am not the End
bouleversement is underway Bouleversement: skecthes for the re-articulation of an incoherent city... is underway
 Memento Mori
The Tip of Fervor: radical surgery on a continental scale (in remission)
 The Prince
 Discurse : The Trial by Franz Kafka (no date yet)
 the Negatextual Resource Centre
 A Congregation of Last Moments
 Total Domination
 Dissociative Fugue
 The Grand Inquisitor
 Low Tide