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For the final chalk performance of this series

I have chosen text from Gargoyles by Thomas Bernhard,

specifically, excerpts from the final chapter The Prince .



 “Whenever I look at people, I look at unhappy people“, the  Prince said.

“They are people who carry their torment into the streets

and thus make the world a comedy”.


This continual, outrageous truncation of the mind…

with the hapless impotence for which they are made

they inhale their daily life primarily into their bodies and

secondarily into their heads in the form of hundreds and thousands of

dismaying intellectual kleptomanias.

                                                                                                 - Thomas Bernhard



If you have read this book you will know that

this final chapter is one unbroken monologue.

 Also, the Prince lives in a Castle…

and he is insane…

and the world has become,

or at least revealed itself to be,

unconditionally problematic…


and so, nothing could be a more perfect crown

 for me and for this

fugitive occupation.





Poetry is Disaster