June 16-30


Saturday, June 26th
The Church of Pointless Hysteria

a solo show of large scale paper collage on glass

8 pm -2 am

the extraordinary Kedrick James

will be performing as only he is able.

Music supplied by 'Kinetic Step'


Everyone is welcome.



Marginotomy is the predicament also known as the end-replication problem. It arises because the mechanism which is responsible for replicating DNA is unable to complete its task due to the linear structure of chromosomes. As far as the replicative machinery is concerned these ends, these margins, are regions of crisis and failure. And so, another mechanism must exist to stabilize these terminal regions of chromosomes so that cells may divide, so that organisms may develop, so that cultures may thrive…

Marginality is a critical station for an artist. It is ambiguous — it is where living stops; it is where living is stabilized.
Nothing is in itself marginal, the margin is a moorage. It should be noted that failure often regresses into an identification with marginality. In such a case the anchor must be lifted and the expanse of living must once again be tested, explored.

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