The GRAND INQUISITOR by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

Saturday, June 2 Noon - 7 pm & Sunday, June 3 Noon - 5 pm

Seaforth Park. Vancouver, B.C.

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For all the unfinished experimental creatures created as a mockery;
for all those who have been climbing and who reached their end only to
discover that the ladder has fallen and that the entire time they believed
they were ascending they were only crawling;
for all those who have this
muddy truth on their lips— the heaven I wished
to approach has become
an oppressive ideal which only illuminates my filthy hands and my
bruised knees and my torn shoes
; for all those who are suspect citizens
of dubious responsibilities; for all those who refuse to turn away from the
shameful reality which is that
freedom is usually the last thing people actually
want, as it is usually the firstthing they are willing to relinquish whenever they
are challenged; I will perform

The Grand Inquisitor
  from the Brothers Karamzov  by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Saturday June 2 from Noon until 6 pm beginning in Seaforth Park (beneath the Burrard Street Bridge).

I will be writing the text from this chapter in chalk on the railway ties and will continue,
following the tracks as they cross 4th Ave. and run along 5th Ave until the chapter is finished.
I will see you there, and remember...

if you don't take your mind for daily walks it will shit in your house

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