U  t  o  p  i  a

a performance


M i k e   S c h e r t z e r


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Whenever I happen to be in a city of any size, I marvel that riots do not break out every day: massacres, unspeakable carnage, a doomsday chaos. How can so many human beings coexist in a space so confined without destroying each other, without hating each other to death? As a matter of fact, they do hate each other, but they are not equal to their hatred. And it is this mediocrity, this impotence, that saves society, that assures its continuance, its stability.


from The Mechanism of Utopia by E.M. Cioran.






In Utopia I will write the essay
The Mechanism of Utopia by E.M. Cioran
in chalk
in the pedestrian walkway

beneath the Granville St. Bridge.



everyone is welcome




please remember 


paradise is the plural of paradox 








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