a congregation of last moments
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October 24th – November 6th . Opening Thursday, October 24th  6pm.


new   sublimage


Studio Blue, 202-1540 W 2nd Ave (in the Waterfall Building)


all ran to meet their chains thinking they secured their freedom


the ease-buckled gait—

i do not miss this


the incomprehensible mingling

of words in flight from their language


conversations overheard in the street


the routine pallour of abandonment— this

i do not miss.




my deprivation is a verb


a waking to the taste of a nail,

an admission that i am

always another body, not the one i have

fastened to a door—

                                  that pittance

                                  that thread  



have left

the tomorrow-famished

for this:




congregation of last moments.


 -  exerpted from Peindicy by Mike Schertzer


Poetry is Disaster