The Prince  


Date: July 14th, 2005


Location: 4000 W8th Ave (8th and Wallace); Vancouver, BC


Duration: 7 hours


Text:  Gargoyles  by Thomas Bernhard


Pages:  excerpts from the chapter  The Prince


Lines: 311


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   It is 5am. Kneeling for the last time. Behind me, behind the row of trees, a military base is sleeping. Toothless, humbled and incongruous now, a preparation for a threat which never came and which never will. An appropriate place to begin.


   Comedy. This is the first word I write. Something which should not be forgotten… especially when one is kneeling on the world, pleading with it, or wrestling with it.                                              


   A streetlamp illuminates a morning that no longer has any need for it. Beside it is a red sign that says STOP. And so I begin… to end. At this intersection, on this hill,  this series of chalk performances will cease. At last, I have reached the end of the end.  


   This is the last chalk performance. My dialogue with this city, with its secrets and solitudes, at least in this form, has found silence. After six of these acts in which the end, in which completion and exhaustion were for me the show, I have reached the end… the end of the end.

- M. S.




“Whoever is listening to something you are talking about approaches only as  far as its outermost boundary. Our whole life is nothing but an approach to the outermost boundaries of life,” the prince said.






Poetry is Disaster