The Prince                              




Date: July 14th, 2005


Location: 4000 W8th Ave (8th and Wallace); Vancouver, BC


Duration: 7 hours


Text:  Gargoyles  by Thomas Bernhard


Pages:  excerpts from the chapter  The Prince


Lines: 311




   At the end of the end serpents speak simply, without the adornments and stresses of temptation or seduction. At the end of the end time puts a hand on your shoulder and asks you, as you both peer into the void, if you like what you see. At the end of the end…


   People seem aware. For this performance, its place, not only geographically but ontologically, seems evident. There are no confrontations this time, no negotiations for the use of space, no insults, no disdain. What I feel is a politeness, an acceptance, and a genuine concern for what is present… the why? of my actions at last transfigured into a yes.

- M. S. 




“The thinking man always finds himself in a gigantic orphanage in which people are continually proving to him that he has no parents”.



all photographs by MS


Poetry is Disaster