the Opacity Series 





In the Opacity Series of deficitons you will find  books that will 
alter the way you think about books, about writers... 
maybe even about your relationship to the 600,000
odd minutes  you are subjected to in a lifetime.


   A poet is weary of being a witness to the persistent failure of others to attain, to occupy, the common spaces which only art can make apparent. A populace which thrives on indigence and cowardice, a citizenry which nurses the inauthentic, narrows a poet's task. 
To persist in an environment where silence has been claimed as an anthem for the defeated there remains only one thing a poet can do as a poet— offer the unreadable

   This series of defictions is a poet's resistance. Resistance cannot be written; therefore,  it cannot be read. but what can be written? what can be read? 

This series of defictions should be understood as a gift, 
an abysmal gift, a chasm ... 
breathe in, breathe out
systole, diastole
tic, tock...
a chasm.







the Opacity Series is comprised of the following books
by volume #):

#1 34   
#2 CACA vol31: Secular Ruin
#3 Mayday
#4 the Book of Secrets
#5 An Inquisition
#6 Coll(i/u)sions
#7 Homologies
#8 Yes / No
#9 Corredespondence
#10 My Little Red Books
#11 Calendar
#12 Dreadmap
#13 Collapse
#14 Fit to Print
#15 Paralogue
#16 Dubious
#17 Dominion

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