Date: July 14th, 2004


Location: a staircase from Lamey’s Mill road to the Sea Wall, False Creek South; Vancouver, BC


Duration: 6 hours


Text:  Daybreak by Friedrich Nietzsche


Pages:  excerpts #109, 113, 114, and 149 (click here for the texts )


Lines: 223

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One encounter…



Me (to an old man, nearing death and joyless) : Good morning


The old man : I don’t think so… (looking at the chalk)… is this really necessary?


Me (to the joyless and death-near) : Not only is it necessary, it is crucial.



Another encounter…



A gardener, or plant mechanic (middle aged yet also near death and utterly joyless) speaking so that I will hear him, so that I must hear him, says in the voice of a father who can only chastise :  Someone has too much time on their hands.



Me (to myself, as I am exhausted and do not have the energy for confrontation) : if chalk dust and scrapes and dirt and spit are what time is then yes, I have a lot of it on my hands.




Poetry is Disaster