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Negatextual Resource Centre


Negatexts are created by the erasure of existing texts. Old religious training manuals, children's books, instructional books of any kind, and in general, books with many nouns (e.g. Wound Healing a surgeon's manual) have all been overpainted with black gesso while at the same time leaving visible a word or a phrase per page so that another text, a sub-text, a negatext magically presents itself    

My Negatexts fall into two categories:

- full books
- excerpts (a selection of framed pages)

all Negatexts are part of my ever expanding Negatextual Resource Centre

When consulting the Negatextual Resource Centre
remember, everything that is, is always, at the same time, something else.


Titles of full books include: Titles of excerpts include:

The Sob (image) What Katy Did
P.S. Meet My God
You / Me The Death Committee
Wound Healing Snatch (image)
BAble The Book of Etiquette
12 Days How to Raise and Train Your Whip (image)
Happy (Driver Bob) The Baby-sitters Club (image)
Eat In Spite of All
Playtime The Joy of Grandparenting
Halt (Blessed Block) Dreams

The Bride's Instruction
(image 1), (image 2), (image 3)

Dear Intruder
Wet (image) Les Plus Qu'Humaines
I Can (image) 13
Australia in Brief  
Feng Shui Made Easy  
Every Man a Lover  

Poetry is Disaster