An urban intensification project

Marathon readings in places you would least expect them.


People have asked me what is Discurse ?  what is its point?

                                  And so I tell them 

                      Discurse  does not have a point... it is blunt.

     And to further clarify things

     I allow Friedrich Nietszche to speak for me

Every drive that desires to be satisfied 
expresses its dissatisfaction with the present state of things.


To desire that something should be different is 
to desire that everything should be different.

No more remains to be said, except for the obvious—

                                                                                     Discurse  is,

                                                                               of course,

                                                                 a protest.


The Loser by Thomas Bernhard
Angus Drive, Noon - 6pm
July 17th, 1999

  Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino
on and under the Burrard Street bridge,
3pm - 7pm
Sept. 25th,1999 


The Trial by Franz Kafka
the roof of the Birks Tower   coming soon

Candide by Voltaire
a parkade in downtown Vancouver

The Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass by Bruno Schulz
location as yet undecided


Poetry is Disaster