Sometimes erosion is too much to bear

water-based ink written on rocks at low tide on beaches throughout Vancouver

   The encounter that this action is supposed to initiate and the condition it is supposed to rectify is that which is best exemplified by Parsifal. Imagine the person who finds stones with aidez-moi written on them; assume that this person will regard the next person they see, the person who is closest to their discovery, as the one who wrote aidez-moi on the stones. And so they may feel inclined to ask the person, ” do you need help? “ This situation is presicely that of Parsifal. And this question,"do you need help?", is the act of sympathy that was required of him. His ability to honestly ask this question of the Grail King was enough to end the King’s suffering, thereby effecting the King’s redemption and the regeneration of his kingdom.


we all need the help we refuse to give

Poetry is Disaster 

Mike Schertzer 1997 - 2016