the Fountain

    A child could drown in a fountain... and this is why children love them.

   The fountain is the hell of stasis. It is an actualization of the mechanics of boredom,
an infernal embellishment that changes nothing. The condensation of endlessness in
perpetual movement
. Every fountain is based on the same principle— damnation
is the unseen regulative force
. In fact, the fountain, if it can achieve anything at all,
it is to render damnation apparent.

   And a wish— is this desire to appease damnation not instead effectively an hommage? .

   It has been said that at the end of time all men will have to account for every idle
word they have spoken. The dread of such an eventuality is probably what keeps a
deity from ending the world. The hell that would have to be endured by such a divinity
is not something any mortal can envision. A fountain is our attempt to approximate it.
Even so it is obvious, with the addition of every ornamentation, that each aesthetic
accomplishment is a complete failure of understanding.

   We do not know what we do with our time, yet we will have to account for it
so the fountain tells us, eternally.


from Interminables

(manuscript in progress) 

Mike Schertzer, 2016