july 1, 1966





   inhabited by the soul of a man i am barren and my life is a punishment.

   inhabited by a victim's soul every thought, every action, is an open window or a door that does not close properly; i have no secrets because i have nowhere to keep them.

   inhabited by a beggar's soul my living is a tear that has found a path through closed eyelids, a tear that is quickly wiped away.

   inhabited by the soul of a bird watcher i have learned to survive on seeds and the scraps tossed here and there by friendless hands.

   inhabited by a reclusive soul there is an ominous night throbbing in the extremities of every day.

   inhabited by a blind and unlearned soul i have never recognized the trembling of love.

   inhabited by the soul of a criminal i have earned a loveless wage.

   inhabited by the soul of a coward i have always known truth as a terrible burden


   inhabited by a soul that will not speak a lifetime is a question of dying answered incorrectly.








tacit         w         throb         w         chapel



from Evidence  , excerpt  in Young Bloods (stories from Exile, 1972-2001)

Mike Schertzer, 2001