excerpts of A Personal Dictionary have appeared in

Exile vol.27 (4) p.49-63. 2003.


as well, the entries poem, poet, and poetry were included in the chapbook Devil’s Wine (which also included drafts of poems from Peindicy)


since 2003 entries written during each year have been included in a chapbook:

2004: Consequence

2005: The End-Room

2006: Instrangements

2008: Invigorations

2009: Uncommon Hours

2011: Mortivations

2013:  Assignations

2014: Involutions


material from A Personal Dictionary has been the basis for many readings and performances, including:



Dissociative Fugue


in 2013 all the entries written from 2003 - 2013 were collected in the volume


The original limited edition of 1997 was limited to 50 hard-bound, signed copies. The publication information is as follows:



Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data


Schertzer, Mike, 1965-

  A personal dictionary




  ISBN 0-9698008-1-9


  1. Schertzer, Mike, 1965- --Biography.  I. Title.

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